Our Vision

In 2014, the founders of IHS came together with a common vision: build a company that will shape all aspects of industrial hemp in the 21st century. To accomplish this, we understood that we must start by discovering and managing "the right seed for the right purpose". Once this process was in place, the IHS team began building out the global infrastructure needed to tie together innovative solutions for the processing and manufacturing and commercialization of industrial hemp across the United States and worldwide.

Combine harvesting industrial hemp

Our Story

IHS is a Colorado grown company specializing in servicing the reemergence of industrial hemp in the 21st century as a staple crop for our modern U.S. agricultural system. Since the 2014 Farm Bill, IHS believes the opening of the U.S. industrial hemp industry presents a great opportunity that will help foster economic development for rural communities to rebuild their economies.

We have forged strategic alliances with global partners to secure certified cultivars to provide the right hemp seed for the right purpose to growers in Colorado, the United States, and the Western Hemisphere.

In 2017, through its subsidiary, Bija Hemp, IHS became the first U.S. company in history to import “farm bill compliant” industrial hemp seed into the United States. This intercontinental shipment involved 30 metric tons of bulk seed that was procured from the Ukraine, transported to Germany, and airlifted into Denver, Colorado. By aligning with innovative partners, IHS services all facets of industrial hemp: seed acquisition, acclimatization and propagation, certification programs across the U.S., genetic bioinformatics, consultation, harvesting, distribution, and processing and manufacturing for commercial uses.

For the past few years, IHS has been sowing the seeds for the reintroduction of industrial hemp into U.S. agribusiness. Now, we are looking forward to working with those who are interested in helping this up-and-coming industry take root.