Bija Hemp imports seed varietals and breeds and develops new pedigree seed varieties and manages all aspects of seed production and propagation. The Bija Hemp management team is comprised of leaders in agronomy, research and development, business, and law. is a forthcoming e-commerce marketplace that will feature different hemp-derived and based products from multiple vendors.

Through one simple portal, eHemp gives manufacturers of hemp products a digital marketplace that's trustworthy, transparent and accessible to sell their products directly to consumers via a dropship model.

Vendor registration is currently live on For more information, email

Ajaya Trading

Ajaya Trading is an industrial hemp commodity exchange that facilitates the purchase and sale of contracts whose values are tied to the price of the global hemp market (e.g., hemp seed, hemp oil, biomass, and carbon credits).

Bija Labs

At Bija Labs we pair genomic tools, the Hemp plant’s DNA, and the knowledge held by our partners, to produce the most comprehensive platform for leveraging modern genomics to create legitimate, commercial-ready plants or varietal lines.

Bhanda Capital Ltd

Bhanda Capital Ltd serves individual investors, financial intermediaries and institutions around the world through a broad range of products and services related to opportunities across the global industrial hemp market.